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About Us
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my dog too old to train?
A. No. The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is just an old wives tale. Any dog of any age can be trained.

Q. What type of training does My Top Dog Training use?
A. My Top Dog Training uses positive training methods to teach your dog.

Q. Is exercise important for my dog?
A. Yes! Exercise is the number one thing that your dog needs in his life. If your dog gets the proper amount of exercise, then he will be too tired to get into trouble. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog.

Q. My dog is aggressive towards other dogs. Should I enroll him in a group class?
A. I would recommend private lessons and behavior modification to address his aggression first. Once the aggression is under control, then enroll him in a group class.

Q. If my dog attends daycare training, will he obey me or only the trainer?
A. In daycare training your dog will learn what the commands are regardless of who is holding the leash. It is up to you to maintain the obedience by enforcing it after the training period is complete. You will have a private lesson at the end of the training period to teach you what the commands are and also what to do if your dog does not comply with your commands.